Rosi Chemical Co.,LTD.
7F/A Leyi Building,YueQingCity, Zhejiang Province,China
About us

Rosi Chemical CO.,LTD Rosi Company was founded in 1989,with the current total investment over USD 70,000,000. Being one of the first faithful paradigmatic enterprise in zhejiang Province, Rosi manufactures agrochemicals, medicines and hotel service. Rpsi has passeded the ISO9001 and ISO14001, which greatly improved the image of Rosi, and enhanced customer's confidence in Rosi. More than 80% of the products are exported to the customers over Asia, Europe and America.
Consisting of senior engineers,PH.D holders, and postgraduate students, and aided by advanced equipments like spectophotometer,UV,GC and HPLC, Rosi's technical team is proud of its strength on R&D,and confident in its competitive edge over Rosi's competitors. 
To obey contracts strictly, guarantee quality seriously and to serve all customer's demand wholeheartedly are the sole purpose of the company. We have expect sincerely good business relationship, true friendship and cooperation with all domestic and foreign friends. Your presence and guidance are requested.

7F/A Leyi Building,YueQingCity, Zhejiang Province,China Tel:+86-577-61609981/61609983 Fax:+86-577-61609990
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